Donald Scott

President of Cryptwell Incorporated

Don's mission

I seek to work with businesses predominantly in the software, telecom, or finance sectors, in an effort to provide a fresh outlook on existing business processes and to seek improvements at the intersection of business and technology.

With the emergence and rapid expansion of data science, integrated business software, and an increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats, the benefits and subsequent risks to business pursuing highly complex computer systems continues to grow.

Firms that are able to both leverage technology and keep their systems secure, obtain competitive advantages which quickly snowball into financial results.

My goal and passion is to provide high level planning, strategy and guidance to firms seeking to obtain those advantages, without taking shortcuts and experiencing costly errors or embarrassing hacks.

Education and background

Coming from a hardworking family in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have always possessed a keen interest in technology. From a young age my father, a Villanova alumnus, found himself peppered with questions about electricity, computers, the internet, and so much more.

Always a fan of autodidactism, by the time I completed high school I was a well-versed in many core high-level programming languages: HTML5/CSS, Java, PHP, ASP, C#, LISP, and Scheme. As well as having a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the TCP/IP stack, the OSI model, network infrastructure, and more...

Applying to several top U.S. institutions of higher learning, it was my intent to only pursue the programs which best understood the value of the intersection of business and technology.

2013 2017

Lehigh University


I am currently wrapping up my B.Sc.'s in Computer Science, Business, and Accounting at Lehigh University, while simultaneously pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and participating in community governance. I am currently in the process of obtaining professional certifications, and intend to pursue higher education.

Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

04 / 2014 Current

SofterWare, Inc.


Data migration and process integration consulting; specifically seeking to unify existing business processes into the cloud platform.

02 / 2014 Current

Cryptwell Incorporated


Cryptwell Incorporated seeks to provide a safe, legal and simple service to allow cryptocurrency to be purchased and exchanged.

01 / 2014 2015

Lehigh University

Committee Chair, Inclusive Excellence

College is a place where different people of all kinds come together and mix.

Lehigh University seeks to ensure that college is a safe, and effective environ
... Read more

08 / 2011 Current

AssetGateway LLC

Founding Director

AssetGateway LLC is a small consulting firm which specializes in DDoS mitigation. Big companies and banks can afford expensive solutions for DDoS mitigation, bu ... Read more

06 / 2011 09 / 2013

ObsidianCraft Inc.

Owner and Operator

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game which has over 40,000,000 players. One issue with this game, however, is that multiplayer requires multiple physical servers ... Read more

05 / 2013 08 / 2013

SofterWare, Inc.

Administrative Coordinator

Served as the project manager for a new CRM deployment. I worked with the executive team to asses SofterWare's needs. From there I was responsible for systemati ... Read more

2010 2011


Facebook Marketer

During my sophomore year I was fascinated by the potential of Facebook marketing. I created Facebook apps that offered trivial information (shocking stories, in ... Read more

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